Editorial Guidelines

About openpop.org:

Openpop.org is an academic source of observation and analysis, whose purpose is to illustrate the significance of demographic trends, to interpret their short and long-term consequences and to engage with policies. Openpop.org seeks to broaden access to contemporary population research and to facilitate the sharing and exchange of knowledge between scholars within and outside universities. Openpop.org welcomes and encourages external contributions. We have no binding editorial rules except an implicit commitment to undertaking social science research in ways that constructively stimulate public debate and understanding.

Topics of interest

We require the research topic to be of a demographic nature in the broadest sense. To allow for wide and multidisciplinary themes, submissions are welcomed within the following comprehensive categories:

Ageing                                          Migration        

Education                                     Mobility       

Environment                                Mortality      

Ethnicity                                       Pensions      

Fertility                                          Unemployment     

Gender                                          Welfare       

Health                                            Youth     

Inequality and Poverty

Authors are requested to indicate their preferred theme under which they wish to submit their contribution(s).  The editorial team will tend to give priority to contributions related to topical issues, i.e. relevant to current social policies and for the media.

Content of submissions

All contributions that fit the mission of Openpop.org and that fall broadly within its topics of interest are suitable for submission. Authors may wish to submit contributions based on academic research that has been published elsewhere or that is currently under review. In this case, authors are informed that their submission(s) to Openpop.org should be complementary to, and not repetitive of, their original work. Suggestions include:

  • Discussing specific findings or insights in a manner that provokes thought or discussion for which there would be limited space within an academic journal
  • Focusing on the relevance of findings or insights for other or wider   audiences than those targeted with a journal publication
  • Focusing on the practical implications of findings and insights

Authors are reminded that submitted contributions should always be written in comprehensible language for a wide variety of academic and non-academic audiences. Along with the contribution concerned, a short introductory paragraph outlining the author and any relevant background information would be appreciated. Please include a bibliography only if you think it is strictly necessary. Should you be willing to provide links to full papers or articles, we are pleased to include them at the bottom of each post.

Format of submissions

We request contributions are submitted in Microsoft Word format. In order to enhance the chances that contributions be fully read, we suggest submission of posts from 500 to 1000 words long. We are keen to include tables, charts, maps or relevant photographs where possible, though this is not compulsory (ensure that you have the necessary permission to reproduce images). Please include a bibliography only if you think it is strictly necessary.

How to submit to openpop.org

Authors are requested to submit their contributions as an attachment to openpop@spi.ox.ac.uk.


All of our contributions are also published under the Creative Commons Licence (CC BY-SA 3.0) shown at the bottom of the page. Other websites and publications have the right to reuse and redistribute them, with attribution. Should you need further information, please visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/.