“Population” to Award Prize to Promising Young Author

The journal Population, which partners with Openpop to promote population studies, is currently accepting paper submissions from young researchers for a prize of €1,000 and a free year’s subscription to the publication.

“Young researchers” can be students currently enrolled in Master’s or PhD programs, or early career academics who have defended their PhD theses in the last seven years. Papers may be co-authored by several young researchers, or with older authors if the young researcher/student is the lead author. In the event that a group of young authors win, the prize will be shared among them. Papers can be submitted in English or in French.

In addition to the prize and subscription, the winner will have their submitted paper immediately published online and fast-tracked for publication in the journal’s next edition. To be considered, authors should send their pieces before November 30, 2015. All submissions should mention a desire to be considered for the young author’s prize, and should also comply with the journal’s editorial rules.

The competition results will be announced in March 2016, and a concurrent announcement will appear on Openpop. The winner(s) will be invited to compose a post communicating the main findings of their winning research on Openpop’s website to complement the Population piece. For more information, visit http://www.journal-population.com/young-authors-prize/

Please join us in recognizing promising up-and-coming members of the population studies community by passing these details along to students and colleagues.

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