Justin Kadi

About Justin Kadi

Justin Kadi is a post-doctoral fellow at the Institute for European Urban Studies at Bauhaus-University Weimar. He holds an MSc in Urban Studies from the University of Amsterdam and New York University and a PhD in Urban Studies from the University of Amsterdam. His recent research focuses on housing policy and socio-spatial inequalities.

The Effects of Market-Based Housing Reforms on Housing Affordability: New York 1990-2008

Since the 1980s, policies have increasingly encouraged housing provision by the private market. Programs to de-commodify housing such as rent regulations or social housing programs have gradually been terminated and replaced by policies to promote the delivery of housing through profit-making actors. Selling or demolishing social housing, liberalizing rents, or promoting homeownership have come to dominate the policy landscape, not just in Britain or the US, but also across many Western European countries. Programs such as the British Right-To-Buy, HOPE VI in the US, or the Dutch urban restructuring program are widely known, if only exemplary of this wider trend.

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