Wendy D. Manning

About Wendy D. Manning

Wendy D. Manning is a family demographer and Distinguished Research Professor of Sociology at Bowling Green State University.  She is Director of the Center for Family and Demographic Research and Co-Director of the National Center for Family and Marriage Research.  Her work focuses on the well-being of children and adults across a range of family structures.

Children’s Economic Well-Being in Same-Sex Mother Families

While there is increasing support for same-sex parent families and recent state-wide legalization of marriages to same-sex couples in the U.S., there is only a small body of research that examines the economic, academic, social, or psychological well-being of children living in same-sex parent families (Manning et al. 2014).  There are increasing numbers of children residing in same-sex couple parent families, but a key constraint has been that there are relatively few data sets with ample numbers of children residing in same-sex parent families.

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