Jane Murray Cramm

About Jane Murray Cramm

Jane Murray Cramm is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Health Policy and Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. She is also cofounder of the Credit for Rehabilitation Aimed at the Marginalized Minorities Foundation, which provides microcredit to people with disabilities and women in developing countries. Jane holds a master's degree in health care management and a doctorate in sociomedical sciences from Erasmus University. Research on quality of care, co-creation of care and patient-centeredness, especially for frail (older) populations has been a core component of her career. Global ageing is also a core research theme of Jane. She has been a senior researcher in studies evaluating several large-scale complex intervention programs. Jane has published over a 100 peer reviewed articles.

Objective and Subjective Health Measures; What do They Tell us?

A variety of measures have been used to examine individuals’ health status. The most frequently used measures are subjective ones, such as self-rated health (SRH) and self-perceived dependence in activities of daily living (ADL). Objective measures and biomarkers are rarely used in this context. The introduction of such measures may provide an important complement to SRH and similar indicators. Recently objective measures such as grip strength and lung function gained popularity. SRH and grip strength are static indicators, capturing deviations from a norm perceived as healthy.

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