Sofie Vanassche

About Sofie Vanassche

Sofie Vanassche holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences. She is affiliated to the KU Leuven as a member of the research group Family and Population Studies. She combines a part-time assistant professorship with a post-doctoral fellowship from the Flemish Research Foundation (FWO). Her recent research activities focus on the comparison of family dynamics between European countries, and on the interaction between gender, biological and social parenthood. She authored and co-authored several international, peer-reviewed publications. These articles include both theoretical and methodological contributions and are situated in the research domains of demography and family sociology.

Parents Repartnering Parents: The ‘Complex’ Nature of Stepfamily Formation

Due to high union dissolution rates, single parents are increasingly present on the relational market. Gaining insight into the re-partnering dynamics among these individuals is relevant from different perspectives. From a parent’s perspective, forming a new union has been identified as one of the main predictors of ‘recovering’ from the dissolution of a previous union, both in terms of improving social and emotional well-being, and financial resources (Sweeney 2010). From a child’s perspective, the arrival of a stepparent increases the availability of parental resources in the household. However, empirical evidence supporting the beneficial effects of a transition from single-parent family to stepfamily remains scarce and inconclusive (Sweeney 2010).

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