Alexander Darin-Mattsson

About Alexander Darin-Mattsson

Alexander Darin-Mattsson is a PhD student at Aging Research Center (ARC), Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden. Alexander has an MSc in sociology. His main fields of interest are in social stratification, social gerontology/epidemiology, health inequalities, and long-term effects of working environment on late life health. His doctoral work focuses on socioeconomic position and work environment (occupational complexity) relation to health in old age, separately and combined, using a life-course perspective. The overall aim is to clarify and understand why groups of individuals have differentiated health in old age, with focus on positions within the social structure as a health developing process.

Are Occupational Complexity and Socioeconomic Position Related to Psychological Distress 20 Years Later?

The age group above retirement age is the fastest growing age group in many countries. As most diseases and disorders occur in higher ages, this implies that there will be higher demands on the health care and pension systems. Even though many have argued that societies are facing an economic and demographic challenge, it is arguably also a great success; more people reach old age and live longer. But some groups of individuals tend to be healthier than others.

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