Kay Cook

About Kay Cook

Dr Cook was appointed to the Centre for Applied Social Research at RMIT University in 2012 as a Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow. This prestigious four-year position enables Dr Cook to strengthen her examination of the intersections between social policies and family life. Dr Cook’s work explores how new and developing social policies such as welfare-to-work, child support and child care policies, transform relationships between the state, individuals and families. Given that these policies have a profound impact on the everyday experiences of their targets; Dr Cook’s work makes the personal impact of these policies explicit. By making explicit the connections between political processes and subjective responses, Dr Cook seeks to provide tangible evidence to policymakers and service providers to affect more humanistic reform. Dr Cook is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Family Studies and Co-Director of the International Network of Child Support Scholars. She is a Member Scholar of the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology and contributor to the SAGE Encyclopaedia of Qualitative Research Methods and second edition of the Handbook of Interview Research.

Locking Women’s Experiences out by Compelling Them to Fit in

Have you ever ticked an answer box on a form or survey because it was the best choice available, even though it didn’t quite fit your experience? While that may be frustrating, for most people it has no direct bearing on their daily life. But what if your response had an immediate financial impact on whether or not you lived above or below the poverty line? That would be more than just frustrating and you’d probably demand a change in how your information was recorded.

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