Jenny Trinitapoli

About Jenny Trinitapoli

Jenny Trinitapoli is an Associate Professor of sociology at the University of Chicago. Her 2012 book Religion and AIDS in Africa (with Alexander Weinreb) has been called “the first comprehensive empirical account of the impact of religion on the AIDS epidemic.”

AIDS and Religious Life in Malawi: Rethinking How Population Dynamics Shape Culture

UNAIDS’ latest report on the global HIV pandemic features a bold title: “How AIDS Changed Everything.” The 500-page report almost lives up to its promise; it covers almost everything from patent law, to gender dynamics, to orphan care. In a new paper published in Population, I add to this list of everythings. I demonstrate how, in the context of Malawi’s generalized epidemic, AIDS has altered religious messages about family life — divorce in particular — not within one particular religious group but across all five of the country’s major religious traditions.

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