Marianne van Bochove

About Marianne van Bochove

Marianne van Bochove is an Assistant Professor in the institute of Health Policy and Management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research interests include the marketization and informalization of care services and issues around citizenship, migration and integration.

Are Expatriates Really That Different From Immigrants?

Expatriates – highly-skilled workers who temporarily live abroad because of their jobs – are often seen as extraordinary people, not only very different from those who have always lived in their country of birth, but also much unlike immigrants, who moved to another country to stay there more or less permanently. In contrast to ‘ordinary’ migrants, expatriates are usually depicted as cosmopolitans, who feel at home anywhere, but are rooted nowhere. Some scholars argue that expatriates present themselves as world citizens, but that in reality, they only feel comfortable with transnational business men and women like themselves.

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