Mamoun Alaoui Ismaili

About Mamoun Alaoui Ismaili

Mamoun Alaoui Ismaili is currently a Phd candidate in African Studies at the Institute of African Studies-Mohammed V University in Morocco. The working title of his thesis is “the genealogy of the tribe in mauritanian governmentality”. His focus is on the emergence of the tribe as a problem in African and Middle Eastern governmentalities. His other major research interest is the history of the problematisation of the concept of tribe within different fields of knowledge. Among his publications is an article about Mauritanian politics at the IPRIS Maghreb Bulletin. He is currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Law.

The Advent of Tribal Population Studies

The “tribe”, as a special form of human association, has been traditionally approached either as a type of human society or as a stage in its evolution. However, it is only recently that applied research was conducted with respect to the quantification and pattern recognition processes related to the tribe and tribalism. This I shall term the advent of tribal population studies.

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