Kieron Barclay

About Kieron Barclay

Kieron Barclay is post-doctoral researcher at the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Research Fellow at Stockholm University, and has a PhD in Sociology from Stockholm University. His research generally focuses on the relationship between demographic factors within the family of origin such as birth order, family size, parental age at the time of birth, and birth intervals on long-term outcomes such as educational attainment, and health in adulthood.

Birth Order and Mortality in Sweden

Does birth order matter? Over the past hundred years, this simple question has inspired a rancorous debate. For the past ten years, however, the growing consensus has been that yes, it does matter. It is becoming increasingly clear that, relative to first borns, later born siblings within the same family have lower educational attainment (Black, Devereux and Salvanes, 2005), lower cognitive ability (Bjerkedal et al., 2007; Barclay, 2015a), and worse health in adulthood (Barclay and Myrskylä, 2014).

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