Nicolas Frémeaux

About Nicolas Frémeaux

Nicolas Frémeaux is a post-doctoral researcher in economics at the Cergy-Pontoise University. His research interests include family economics, income and wealth distribution and inequalities.

The Role of Inheritance and Labor Income in Marital Choices

From Honoré de Balzac to Jane Austen, many nineteenth century novels give examples of marriage of convenience in which the spousal wealth is determinant. Today, people probably marry more frequently for love, and family has less power than during the nineteenth century. But has the importance of inheritance in marital choices disappeared? This research is grounded upon recent findings on long-term trends in inheritance and wealth. Whether this situation is important for the dynamics of inequality over time depends, among other things, on marital decisions – do heirs marry heiresses? – as family plays a decisive role in the transmission of capital, be it human, social or material.

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