Paul Amoateng

About Paul Amoateng

Paul Amoateng is a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute for Water and Society, under the School of Environmental Sciences, Charles Sturt University in Australia. Paul's PhD is funded by the Faculty of Science of the university. His research interests are related inter alia to sustainable urban development, public policy and administration, urban water resources management, flood risks in informal settlements and climate change and adaptation.

Sustainable Development in Developing Countries: Ramifications of Urbanisation and Poverty

Globally, sustainable development is recognised as a potential pathway for building resilient cities, reducing poverty and safeguarding the natural environment. With its aim to achieve a symbiotic relationship between the economy, society and the environment, the concept of sustainable development has increasingly focused on fostering adaptive capabilities and creating opportunities to maintain or achieve desirable social, economic and ecological systems for both present and future generations (Cobbinah et al., 2011; Folke et al., 2002; WCED, 1987). As a result, international policies, programmes and institutions over the past three decades have been considerably shaped by the idea of sustainable development. Continue reading