Prashant Kumar

About Prashant Kumar

Prashant is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Surrey. His team’s research is focused on atmospheric aerosol particles, urban air pollution and wind engineering. Till date, he has authored over 85 journal articles, and about the same number of conference papers, with in excess of 1100 citations. He is currently serving as an executive editor for the "Journal of Civil & Environmental Engineering", besides acting as an editorial board member of 7 International Journals including "Science of the Total Environment".

“Water-Energy-Pollution” Nexus for the Energy and Pollution Footprints of Cities

The growing world population and global urbanisation trends have raised serious concerns over energy demand. These concerns have been exacerbated by the challenges of climate change and pollution, which fuel worry over availability of the basic necessities like clean water and food. Whilst several studies discuss the effects of pollution on these needs, adequate attention has not yet to be paid to the inter-linkages between the water, energy and pollution sectors.

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