Josep Pijoan-Mas

About Josep Pijoan-Mas

Josep Pijoan-Mas is associate professor of economics at CEMFI and research fellow at CEPR. He got his PhD in economics at University College London in 2002. His research interests are related to household decisions under uncertainty, with special interest on the implications for income and wealth inequality. He has recently started to do research on inequality of health outcomes.

How Different is a College Degree From a Spouse?

More educated individuals face substantially lower mortality rates than less educated ones. In our recent paper Pijoan-Mas and RĂ­os-Rull (2014), we use data from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) to compute expected longevity at age 50 for white males and white females of different education levels in the US (the focus on these age and race groups is because of sample sizes.) We find that the difference in expected longevity between college graduates and individuals without a high school degree is large: 6.6 years for males and 5.8 years for females.

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