Beverley Searle

About Beverley Searle

Beverley Searle is a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Dundee. She holds a PhD in Social Policy from the University of York. Her research interests include housing wealth, intergenerational justice, individual welfare and wellbeing.

The Widening Inequality in Elderly Property Wealth

The UK government’s 2014 Care Act for England is due to come into force in April 2016.  It will introduce a £72,000 cap on the amount anyone should pay for care in their lifetime.  The point at which individuals would have to start contributing to care is proposed to be set at around £118,000 worth of assets (savings and property). The act has arisen in response to concerns about population ageing and the imbalance between taxes being paid by a shrinking workforce, and the demands on health and welfare funds by an increasing number of elderly people.

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