Jesper Kulvmann

About Jesper Kulvmann

Dr. Jesper Kulvmann is currently Lecturer at the Department of Social Policy and Development of Thammasat University in Bangkok. He holds a MSc in Health. Population and Society from the London School of Economics and a DPhil from the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford. He wrote a thesis on the integration of non-Western immigrants in Denmark and he is interested in issues of immigrants' integration (public attitude towards immigrants), health economics and sustainability of the welfare state.

The Net Contributions Made by Immigrants and Danes to Danish Public Finances

Marie Louise Schultz-Nielsen and Torben Tranæs have published a paper (Working Paper nr. 30, Rockwool Foundation, Research Unit, Copenhagen, 2014) investigating immigration as a solution to the challenges that an aging population represents. The paper is in Danish, but I think their research deserves a wider audience. Their investigation poses the question of whether immigration from different parts of the world can contribute to the financial challenges that an aging population represents. Secondly, the paper investigates how the annual net contribution changes over time, and what the average contribution is from ethnic Danes, Western immigrants and non-Western immigrants [1]. That way, the different sizes of the groups and the changes of net contribution over the life span are taken into account. Finally, it investigates how changes in immigration affect the public finances.
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