Anne Skevik Grødem

About Anne Skevik Grødem

Anne Skevik Grødem is Research Director at the Institute for Social Research in Oslo. She holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Oslo. Her research interests include family policies, integration and social inclusion, and distributive justice.

Prioritising Care Services: Do the Oldest Users Lose Out?

Population ageing is a major concern in most European countries. With an ageing population, people at employable age will have to provide for an increasing number of pensioners. Demands for health and care services will also increase, as older people typically have higher needs for such services. Such concerns are high on the political agenda in most European countries. What is often overlooked, however, is that older users increasingly compete with younger users over the same limited care resources. This is certainly the case in Norway, where responsibilities for care services have gradually been transferred to the local level over the past 20 years, with no national guidelines on the distribution of resources between groups of users.

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