Srinivas Goli

About Srinivas Goli

Srinivas Goli is an Assistant Professor of Population Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. His research deals with Formal Demography, Family Demography, Inequalities in Health, Nutrition and Gender status and its Social Determinants. He has been working on modelling of fertility, mortality and health transition and convergence across the states and social groups in India. Currently, he is involved in collaborative projects on Women and Child Nutrition, Social Group inequalities in Educational, Economic, Demographic and Health Outcomes.

Explaining Gender Differentials in Child Mortality in India

Gender differences in child health and mortality pose a critical challenge for public health surveillance and policy in India. Recent Sample Registration System (SRS) reports indicate that female children experience higher mortality than boys. The 2012 SRS report pointed to a significant gap (9 per 1000 live births) in under-five mortality rates between males and females. However, the nature of gender differentials in child mortality is changing.

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