Alexandra Tragaki

About Alexandra Tragaki

Alexandra Tragaki is Associate Professor in Economic Demography at Harokopion University in Athens. She holds a PhD in Demography Economics from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris. Her field of expertise comprises the economic impact of demographic changes, economic policy issues with emphasis on Social security, migration, labour market developments and statistical analysis.

Mortality in the Years of Recession: Evidence from Greece

Historical evidence strongly supports that economic growth and prosperity have been associated to declining mortality rates. To reinforce this principle, infant mortality and life expectancy are widely used as living standard indicators in cross-regional comparisons. While positive economic and social developments are concretized as gains in life expectancy, the recessionary implications on mortality rates are not that straightforward. Whether severe economic downturns affect the aggregate death rates has been the focus of much research, and findings are mixed. They appear to be sensitive to the choice of country, to the time period examined, and the length and intensity of the economic downturns.

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