Nicole Hiekel

About Nicole Hiekel

Nicole Hiekel is an assistant professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Psychology at the University of Cologne, Germany and affiliated to the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, The Hague, The Netherlands. She received her Ph.D. from the VU University Amsterdam for her dissertation: "The different meanings of cohabitation across Europe. How cohabiters view their unions and differ in their plans and behaviors" (2014). Nicole's research interests are in the field of family sociology and social demography.

Attitudes and Intentions to Marry – a Typology of German Cohabiters

Unmarried cohabitation has become an inherent part of Europe’s demographic landscape. Its increasing popularity has fuelled the public and scientific debate on whether cohabitation has become a life stage preceding marriage or whether it is about to replace marriage altogether. Our recently published paper explores whether there are specific types of cohabiters who are more likely to get married than others.

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Grasping the Diversity of Cohabitation: Fertility Intentions Among Cohabiters Across Europe

The rising importance of unmarried cohabitation in the demographic landscape is part of a whole array of ongoing changes in families and relationships in contemporary Europe; for example fewer people marry, more marriages end in divorce and fewer children are born than in the past. The diversity in the ways in which cohabiters view their relationship has consequences for the plans and behaviour of cohabiters in these relationships. In our recently published paper, we examine the association between different meanings of cohabitation and plans to have children.

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