Chris Wilson

About Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson (Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology & Nuffield College, Oxford) is a demographer and throughout his career his research has been principally motivated by the same underlying aims: to chart the course of long-term population change, especially changing fertility, and to establish the relationship between demographic trends and wider development. In order to pursue these goals, he has attempted to combine the articulation of theory in population and development with empirical demographic analysis. His research contributions span a wide range of demographic themes: substantive and methodological, contemporary and historical, and on developed and developing countries.

Should We Call “Life Expectancy” Something Else?

The most widely used indicator of the level of mortality in any population is the life expectancy at birth. This is entirely appropriate as the measure is usually an excellent reflection of the overall mortality conditions of a given year or other period. Similar calculations can be made for life expectancy any age, but the value at birth is by far the most commonly encountered in general discussion of health and mortality.

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