Sarah Garver

About Sarah Garver

Sarah Garver is a PhD student in Sociology at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where she also completed her Masters degree. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Human Geography from The Pennsylvania State University. Thus far, her research has taken her to Namibia and Malawi where she has focused on issues of fertility, health, and social relationships. Most broadly she is interested in how people navigate constrained and constantly changing cultural, social and economic contexts.

Minimalists, Gamblers, and Pioneers: How Future Aspirations Offer Insight in to Current Complexities

Studies of contraceptive use reveal intersecting, and often competing, life realms that individuals navigate when making fertility decisions. The decision of whether or not to use contraception is only in part a decision about one’s desire for a child; it is also a consideration of potential career tradeoffs, social network repercussions, financial resources, and the development of one’s identity as an adult – man or woman. Alternatively, a laissez faire approach to pregnancy prevention can be equally revealing of an individual’s or couple’s negotiations through other important life goals.

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