Hipólito Simón Pérez

About Hipólito Simón Pérez

Hipólito Simón is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Análisis Económico Aplicado, University of Alicante. He is also member of the Institute for International Economics (IEI) and the Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB). His research interests focus on migration and labour economics.

Occupational Mobility of Immigrants in Advanced Countries: How Do They Fare Between Home and Host Countries?

It is widely recognized that the performance in the labour market is a key element of the economic and social integration of immigrants in host countries. Thus, it is no surprise that the occupational attainment of immigrants and its evolution over time has been the focus of considerable attention in the academic literature. Whereas most of the empirical studies on this issue tend to compare the occupational mobility of immigrants with that of native workers, a particularly interesting alternative approach is to examine the occupational mobility of immigrants between their home and host countries.

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