Roberto Impicciatore

About Roberto Impicciatore

Roberto Impicciatore is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods, University of Milan. He is also member of the Scientific Council of the Italian Association for Population Studies (SIS-AISP). His research interests focus on the transition to adulthood and mobility in Europe.

The Changing Meaning of Cohabitation in Europe and North America. Signs of Convergence?

The diffusion of cohabitation during the last decades is one of the most striking aspects of wider social changes that have taken place throughout the industrialized world. Over time, the meaning of cohabitation has changed from being a deviant behavior to an almost fully accepted one. However, cohabitation has not spread uniformly across countries and the speed of change in the meaning of cohabitation can be very different. Is cohabitation becoming an alternative to marriage, as predicted by the Second Demographic Transition (SDT), or are there some persistent differences between countries?

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