Peter Matanle

About Peter Matanle

Dr. Peter Matanle is Senior Lecturer in Japanese Studies at the School of East Asian Studies, University of Sheffield. He has published widely on ageing and depopulation in rural Japan, including ‘Japan’s Shrinking Regions in the 21st Century’ (Cambria Press, 2011), ‘Coming Soon to a City Near You! Learning to Live ‘Beyond Growth’ in Japan’s Shrinking Regions’ (Social Science Japan Journal, 2010), and ‘The Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Meltdown’ (Local Environment, 2011). A full list of publications plus downloads can be obtained from his page.

Achieving the 21st Century ‘Depopulation Dividend’. Japan as the World’s Research Laboratory for a More Sustainable Future

Humanity is approaching an historic transformation. Towards the end of the 21st century the world’s population will very possibly begin to decline in number, and East Asia is in the vanguard (Figure 1). This is being achieved in nearly all countries not via coercion, but voluntarily, as female emancipation and education, urbanisation, and economic development spread across the world, lifestyles and life choices change, and medical knowledge and technologies advance.

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