Massimo Livi Bacci

About Massimo Livi Bacci

Massimo Livi Bacci is Professor of Demography, Emeritus, University of Florence. He has been President of IUSSP, and a visitng scholar in many institutions in Europe and America. Among his books: "Concise History of World Population" (Wiley, 5th ed., 2012); "Conquest. The destruction of American Indios" (Polity, 2008); "The Population of Europe. A History" (Blackwell, 1999). His most recent book "Amazonia. L'impero dell'acqua" (Il Mulino, 2012) may be soon translated into English.

Pauperia and Tycoonia: Population and Sustainability

Once upon a time, population was a central issue in the international debate on the future of the planet. Despite profound ideological and political differences among the major players of the global scene, there was consensus that population growth and change were major factors affecting social and economic development. This common awareness reached a climax between the early 1970s and early 1990s, marked by three UN-sponsored Conferences in Bucharest (1974), Mexico (1984) and Cairo (1994). The latter Conference (ICPD, or International Conference on Population and Development) approved a major declaration (Programme of Action) containing a summa of all desirable actions to be initiated, implemented or sustained, concerning all facets of population dynamics, in the full respect of human rights, and oriented to achieve sustainable development [1]. Continue reading