Luca M. Pesando

About Luca M. Pesando

Luca M. Pesando is currently a Research Assistant at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at the University of Oxford. He completed a Master of Science in Economic and Social Sciences at Bocconi University (Milan) in December 2012. His main research interests span the fields of applied econometrics, economics of education, demography and policy evaluation methods, with special reference to the process of intergenerational social mobility.

Family Background and Financial Literacy Outcomes

Following the aftermath of the economic collapse, we have witnessed a flood of financial education programmes oriented towards students of different age groups. Consumer-side financial education interventions have the potential to increase awareness of financial products, and influence behaviour such as saving and financial planning. More precisely, in developed countries many programmes emphasise preparation for retirement, the importance of saving, and the upbringing of an informed and conscious youth. These beneficial functions of financial education are well known by scholars interested in the field. What, however, seems to have been largely ignored up to this point is the role that financial knowledge plays within the process of intergenerational life-course mobility. My recent research has therefore attempted to fill this gap by establishing a connection between financial education and the socio-economic analysis of intergenerational persistence.

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