Marco Morosini

About Marco Morosini

Dr. Marco Morosini was born in Milan in 1952 and was educated in Italy and Germany. Since 2001, he works on indicators systems at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, where he was a guest professor in 2004. He was editor of a study on the systems of sustainability indicators at the Centre of Technology Assessment in Baden-Württemberg. Together with Dr Wolfgang Sachs, he co-edited the book “Futuro sostenibile”, Edizioni Ambiente, 2011. In 2006, he had a column in the section “Ethical living” of the Italian Newsmagazine Internazionale. His articles were published in scientific journals, and in newspapers in Italy and abroad.

Gerontocracy in Italy – The Minimum Legal Voting Age of 25 Years and its Consequences

When asked about the minimum legal voting age in the world, your answer would probably be 18 years. You would be right, as this is the average and most common minimum legal voting age across the globe, with only 27 exceptions where it varies between 16 and 21 years. There is only one, very notable and consequential exception: the minimum legal voting age of 25 for the Senate in Italy. The political, societal and economic consequences of this unusual constraint in Italy may well affect the whole of Europe.

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