Edward Morgan

About Edward Morgan

Edward Morgan is an ESRC-PIC funded master's student (starting October 2013) at the London School of Economics studying Population and Development. Edward has specialist interests concerning the way in which global demographic change is shaping the macrogeography of the world as well as the geographies of our everyday lives. Edward is a Geography graduate of the University of St Andrews and a former public health consultant to the Met Office.

Is it Possible to Accurately Measure Migration?

A few days ago, Britain’s premier right-wing tabloid, the Daily Mail, ran a story entitled ‘Disney World can keep better track of its visitors than Britain’. The story reported on a recent report by a group of British MP’s criticising the inaccuracy and bluntness of the UK’s migration statistics produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS, the UK government’s statistical bureau). Even for relatively experienced demographers, the report was startling in its findings. For example, the International Passenger Survey (IPS), a voluntary survey for travellers entering and leaving the UK, generated samples that were estimated to be around 0.6% of total migrants. This sample size is barely useful for social scientific research, let alone basing government policy on. Continue reading