Christopher Deeming

About Christopher Deeming

Dr Christopher Deeming is Chancellor's Fellow and Senior Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde, previously based at the University of New South Wales when this research was conducted. He holds a PhD from the University of Bristol supervised by the British sociologist Peter Townsend who pioneered a relative deprivation approach to poverty measurement.

The Mismeasure of Global Poverty

How many people in the world today are extremely poor? This simple question is, perhaps unsurprisingly, extremely difficult to answer. However, since 1990, The World Bank has attempted to provide an answer by publishing comprehensive estimates of “extreme poverty” that are now widely used to monitor and appraise global policy and poverty reduction strategies. This is the well-known “dollar-a-day” international poverty line, based originally on a sample of developing country’s national poverty lines from the 1980s. (The so-called “dollar-a-day” now stands at $1.90 per day in light of updated global price data.)

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